CRU Global Network Expands Reach Across CEE and South-East Asian Regions

Global Network Expands

We are excited to share the latest milestone in the CRU Global Network’s journey of expansion and impact in clinical research. In a strategic move, CRU has significantly extended its presence through the establishment of new sites and offices in key locations within the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, including Poland, the Czech Republic, […]

CRU Global Network Expands Presence in Hungary with Three Specialized Phase I Units

Global Network Expands Presence in Hungary

Exciting news for the CRU community! We are thrilled to announce that CRU Global Network is set to establish three new, highly specialized Phase I units in Hungary during Q1 2024. This expansion marks a significant stride in our commitment to advancing clinical research and bringing cutting-edge solutions to the forefront. The upcoming Phase I […]

CRU Hungary Excels in Early Phase Oncology Studies for Solid Tumors

Early Phase Oncology Studies

As highlighted by industry sources, the competition for sites and resources in oncology research is intense, driven by the rapid growth of oncology drugs in development. CRU Hungary stands as a reliable solution to enrollment challenges, offering expertise and efficiency in the increasingly complex landscape of oncology trials. In the dynamic landscape of early phase […]