CRU Global Network Expands Presence in Hungary with Three Specialized Phase I Units

Global Network Expands Presence in Hungary

Exciting news for the CRU community! We are thrilled to announce that CRU Global Network is set to establish three new, highly specialized Phase I units in Hungary during Q1 2024. This expansion marks a significant stride in our commitment to advancing clinical research and bringing cutting-edge solutions to the forefront.

The upcoming Phase I units will focus on the following areas

Pulmonology and Pulmo-oncology – Addressing respiratory and pulmonary oncology challenges with dedicated expertise.

Neurology and Neurosurgery – Exploring innovative solutions in the realms of neurology and neurosurgery for improved patient outcomes.

General Oncology and Solid Tumors – A specialized unit dedicated to advancing research in general oncology, with a specific focus on solid tumors.

More exciting news is on the horizon! CRU remains at the forefront of global clinical research, and these new Phase I units in Hungary reinforce our commitment to expanding capabilities and driving progress in key therapeutic areas.

We look forward to sharing more details in the coming months. Learn more about CRU Global’s services! Contact us today!