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Research facilities

At CRU we count with extensive resources to carry out most of the technical work related with our research projects. Our relevant equipments and facilities:

Research technologies available:

  • Electrophysiology:
  • EEG on freely moving rats and mice, up to 64 channel recordings Visual evoked response studies, single falsh response and steady state response in freely movin rat and mice. Extracellular unit recording in freely moving rats using tetrodes and electrolythically edged paltinum irridium or tugsten electordes (32 channels maximum) Juxtacellular recording and cell labeling Brain slice recording with intracellular and patch clamp electrodes, single cell harvesting for sequencing and PCR

  • Cell fractionation technologies:
  • Separation of cell compartment by percol gradient centrifugation, Synaptosome, mitochndria, synaptic membrane, pre- post-synaptic membrane Separation of tagged organells by FACS, mitochondria synaptosomes Protein science technologies: Western Blot, fluorescent labeling Protein separation technologies, FPL, HPLC, LC-MS Protein MS, identification of proteins, PTM measurements Gel based proteomics, DIGE MS-based proteomics, label-free Protein expression, procaryot and eucaryot systems Protein interaction measurements Protein 3D modelling

  • Gene technologies:
  • Single cell mRNA sequencing and PCR, cDNA conversion, amplification methods, PCR, nested PCR, RT-PCR, multichannel PCR RNA DNA technologies, vector designing, gen engineering methods

  • Theoretical modelling and knowledge tools:
  • Network modelling, MATLAB programing, protein interaction network analysis 3D molecular modelling, in silico binding modelling Elsevier PWS knowledge tool usage for literature search and modelling