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CRU Global network affiliate CR-Ventures Pte. Ltd. (Clinical Research Ventures) Launches New Fund to Support Early Trials. Clinical Research Ventures Pte Ltd, (CRV), a Singapore-­based firm, announced on 07 November 2019 a new global investment partnership specifically devoted to enabling and accelerating clinical development programs for life sciences companies. With a focus on pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic assets entering Phase I and II trials, CRV intends to invest in up to 10 programs per year, which will leverage up to US$50 million annually in clinical trial and related costs. CRV is location-­agnostic, investing worldwide from offices located in Singapore, Frankfurt and Boston.

NEWS / WorldWide TOP enroller in PCSK9 Cardiovascular Outcome study with 178 randomized subjects

NEWS / WorldWide TOP enroller in Phase III severe COPD study with biologics